Not just a knitted scarf…

I have a lovely customer who recently revisited her knitting days, and found that it brought her much enjoyment. And, like a lot of us who have rediscovered our love of the craft, wanted to get stuck into her first project in years.

She invested in some lovely alpaca yarn, some 4mm needles and spent some time putting together a stripe combination. It was a rib stitch scarf, so took a bit of time to complete but the yarn felt so lush and warm that we all agreed it would be a very worthwhile project.

Every week, my cheery customer would pop in and show off her progress. I have to say, a personal highlight of my job, is to watch people’s projects come together and to see the pride on their faces as their work comes together. And she was so thrilled with her growing scarf, that I felt really happy for her.

The finished item was absolutely beautiful – soft, warm and the tension was perfect!

A few weeks later, when it was ridiculously snowy and cold, I was absolutely gutted to hear that some loser had gone into her handbag and taken the scarf when she wasn’t looking. A lowly and terrible thing to do in any case, but just the fact that it had been her beautiful hand-knitted scarf!! And not just that, but it had been her very first project and a good accomplishment.

You can easily replace a scarf, but you can’t easily replace a hand knitted scarf. Knitting, amongst the other crafts that are seeing a revival, isn’t just about the end product. It’s a lovely way to create, perfect and construct something that is different and beautiful. The amount of time, money and effort that goes into knitted items varies – but the thought and meaning behind knitted wares is always priceless!

I do think the majority of people, in fact almost everyone I meet in the shop, understands this and appreciates a great knit – I just hope karma comes back to bite this knit thief in the bum!

n.b. Writing this piece had made me want to give my customer some new alpaca wool for a new and even better scarf. Hope she pops in again soon.

by Louise