Pom Pom Party!

Last Friday, we hosted our first kid’s craft party at The Knit Club. It was amazing!

Image12 eight year olds were invited to make cool pom pom people at our shop, in honour of a special birthday girl. For the afternoon, we prepped some our our bags and craft materials.The Knit Club

The paper bags were creatively transformed into party bags with colourful felt pens. The artistic talent was very impressive!

The Knit Club Kids Party

We then used Clover Pom Pom makers (super easy to use over and over again) to make large acrylic pom poms.


The Clover pom pom makers make the process so easy, even for little hands. We used different coloured yarns so that the pom pom people would be multi-coloured. We then added elastic string to dangle them and googly eyes so that they can see!


The AMAZING birthday cake was also yarn themed!


The kids were super happy with their new pom pom people, and acquired pom pom making skills!


To book your party at The Knit Club,

call 01883345220 or visit our website.


Shop Interview: binkee

We recently introduced gorgeous crochet goods by binkee to The Knit Club. You can find pieces including lampshades, cushions and jewellery, all handmade by Belinda, in our shop – ranging from £2.50 to £32.50.


We spoke to Belinda to find out a little more about the lady behind binkee.

1. Tell us a bit about who you are.

I’m a mum of three, one teenage girl and two boy’s and we all live in a village in Hertfordshire with our many pet’s. I can’t remember exactly how old I was but my creative side definitely showed itself at a young age, mostly with sewing. I remember making a small cushion, using my dog’s hair as stuffing!! Needless to say it wasn’t a keeper.

2. When & how did you learn to crochet?

I only learnt to crochet about 4 years ago when my youngest son was a baby. I had some yarn so I bought a hook and borrowed a book from the library and watched lot’s of You Tube video’s and managed to pick it up very quickly. Since then I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I haven’t had something on the go.


3. Where do your ideas come from?

I might see a colour combination that catches my eye from Pinterest or what someones wearing or even in nature then put some yarn together based on those colours and decide what type of cushion it will be, as in size and shape and then which stitch to use. I only ever make things that I would buy myself and have in my own home.

4. Do you have a favourite piece?

Nearly every newly finished piece is my favorite piece until the next new piece comes along! Unless I have a hunch half way through that it’s not going to be quite as good as expected. I’m usually right and the finished piece goes in the ‘not such a great idea’ box!

5. Where did the name binkee come from?

About 7 year’s ago, my very good friend, Keeley and I were discussing starting our own business together. Everyone calls me Bin, so she came up with the name bin-kee! Thereafter binkee was born, unfortunately for me, Keeley became very successful in her ‘proper’ job so I carried on the name with my handmade business. She is of course still my very good friend and I love having her name in such an important part of my little business.

6. Describe binkee in 3 words.

Sunny, sweet and handmade


7. Where do you do most of your designing and making? (describe your workspace!)

My workspace is in my home which really work’s well for me. It has great light in there and I have everything I need all in one place. I usually work in there all day until the children come home, doing machine sewing and smaller fiddly work, always with either music or a radio 4 play and save any crochet work until the evening where I’ll sit and watch a movie. I always feel a bit guilty and frivolous sitting and crocheting in the day!

8. Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

Blogs are probably my biggest inspiration. I read way too many. They range from craft and design to fashion and lifestyle. I especially like Danish blogs (thank goodness for google translator) I love their style.

9. Have you ever tried knitting?

My Mum tried teaching me to knit several times as a child and I would love the rhythm of it but then I would get so far and drop a few stitches and ruin the whole thing. I think that’s why I like crochet so much because it’s less delicate and a bit more hardy. I will definitely give it another go at some point and hopefully crack it.

10. What’s the next thing on your design list?

I’ve just bought some lovely new fabrics which I’ll be making various shapes and sizes of cushions with and finishing with a crochet edge. I’m also working on a collection of modern style crochet cushions using two colours with bold stripes and a plain simple dc stitch.