Knitterview: TinyOwlKnits!

A firm favourite designer at The Knit Club has to be Tiny Owl Knits. Tiny Owl Knits patterns are designed by Stephanie Dosen, “an American singer who lives in the mountains with her unicorn, puffy cat & a hefty yarn stash riddled with gnomes.”

Tiny Owl Knits - Deer with Antlers

(Deer with Antlers Hat)

Recently, we were lucky enough to have a nice chat across the pond with Stephanie and talk all things knitty! Read on for her answers.

When and how did you learn to knit? 

I took several stabs at knitting before it really stuck. I somehow managed to get a job at a yarn shop as a crochet teacher before I could even knit a stitch! The learning curve was pretty steep. I went from learning to knit one day, to helping people with their knitting problems the next. Thankfully there were dozens of amazing mama-owls at the shop that taught me so much every single day. I worked at the shop for 3 years and I refer to it now as “knitting college”. I got my degree in: “OOh I just made up this new thing; now I need to write down what I did so we can ALL make one!”

Are you more of a knitter or a crocheter? 

I love mixing knitting and crochet. To me they are sisters. I do hesitate sometimes to put them both in patterns together because people often seem to like one or the other. If I’m making something just for myself it will generally have both arts together.

Tiny Owl Knits

Who/what inspires your designs? 

I get inspired by so many things. It could be some old fabric I find at a flea market or a squirrel spiralling through the trees. (I only say that because I’ve recently moved to Colorado and I’m obsessed with the color of the red squirrels here! Their coats are so perfectly amber and beautiful. I think I might be addicted to that color right now as my stash seems to be filling up with it!

Do you have a favourite Tiny Owl Knits design? 

My favorites are the “meow mitts” and my new “spirit of the birch” cuff. Though I seem to wear the heck out of the “Oh my bear!” sweater every winter!

Meow Mitts by Tiny Owl Knits

(Meow Mitts)

What do you hope people gain from knitting TinyOwlKnits patterns? 

Whenever I see a pattern that I really want to make, I get outrageous butterflies in my stomach. I get so excited picking out the yarn and casting on! I hope that people get that same feeling when they see my patterns. But secondly and probably most importantly, I want people to have success with my patterns. I need to know that I can get them from “butterflies to finished object” with ease (and without tears!) Knitting can be frustrating when something is unclear. I understand that and try to write my patterns in a way that really clearly guides the knitter. Every knitter who sets out on a project is taking a risk! They are like a hobbit going on a journey and they need a good map! That’s my job. 🙂

Favourite film? 

Harry Potter, Little Women (1994), The Dark Crystal

Little women 1994

Favourite band/artist? 

Joni Mitchell, Indigo Girls and Cocteau Twins. I am actually releasing a record soon with Simon Raymonde from Cocteau Twins. Our band is called “snowbird” and I’m really excited for it to come out!

Anything exciting in the knitting pipeline? 

I’m heading back to England for the second photo shoot for my knitting book next month and also have lots of designs coming out. I need some more elves to help me knit! If anyone knows any elves please send them my way. I have lots of goldfish crackers and I’m happy to share. I also give good elf back-rubs. (small backs = easy.)

Describe your favourite knitting spot? 

I have a ridiculously big puffy chair and I live in it. Um… I’m in it right now. 🙂

Do you have a little message for fans of your work? 

Thank you!!!!! Thank you so much for knitting my patterns. I hope they bring you much joy and happiness and that you have success with every stitch! Lastly, don’t be afraid of your knitting. Making mistakes is just part of it. Be afraid of skydiving, but never ever be afraid of your knitting!


Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits

Check out our range of Tiny Owl Knits patterns here.


Does the Queen knit?

I love Knit Night, normally it’s so busy that I can’t get a space at the main table, but nonetheless I still try to enjoy the gossip and stories! And in the run up to the Jubilee – we invited our knitters to help us make some bunting!

Being Jubilee time, there was lots of discussion as to how we’d all be celebrating the occasion (and making the most of a 4 day weekend!). One of our most loyal attendees, Joyce, recently shared with me her memories of the Queen’s coronation. I was thrilled when she recalled all the lovely details.

In 1953, Joyce lived with her family on a street along with lots of other families. She said the Queen’s coronation was such a huge celebration that the excitement passed down to even the youngest of Brits – herself being one of them! She recalled how the street party was such a marvellous sight – with everyone bringing out all sorts of furniture. She also said, that there was only one household with a telly – the owner of the cornershop, who was the wealthiest lady in the area! On the day of the coronation, the owner of the cornershop/telly invited all the local children (she couldn’t fit the grown-ups in!) to watch the event from her sitting room.

60 years on, we commemorated the day with a Jubilee tea party and the Caterham Street Party – serving Pimms in teapots and knitting up a storm! We also unveiled our window display…

Which showcased Christine’s excellent crown from the Debi Birkin pattern.

And HRH!

It all made me wonder if the Queen knits?  Evidently so!

Happy knitting and hope you all had a fab Jubilee!

Louise x

Be Patient, My Dear…

I’m still quite new to crafting but I’ve come to realise that really good projects take a bit of planning.  I can browse Ravelry for hours, saving favourites and researching yarn choices.  I pop to the Knit Club, have a cup of tea, a chat and a stroke of the yarn.  I do the maths for how many balls I’d need and what the cost would be.  Finally, a choice is made and I’m ready to buy.

BUT!  Choose a popular colour and there might not be enough left in the shop.  Maybe someone got there before you and bought the last ball.  Maybe the perfect yarn isn’t stocked at your favourite yarn shop and needs to be ordered through other means.  You have to be patient until it comes.

Patience.  Not a great skill of mine.  I want it NOW!  I want to get started on the projects I have taken ages to settle on.  NOW!

I currently have two orders in – one with The Knit Club and one from an internet stockist.  One will bring a phone call and one will arrive with the postman.  I’m waiting patiently.  No, honestly, I am.  I’m not at all fidgety fingered in anticipation of my new projects. Not me.  Uh-huh.

The benefit of waiting is that it has pushed me into finishing a project that I’d stalled on.  Letters have been cut and sewn and pennants have been joined.  Silver linings and all that.

So, I’ll have more to share with you another time.  In the meantime, I’ll just be here by the letterbox (with the phone in my hand).  Waiting.


by Claire

Hello Knitters!

Now that it’s 8 months since the shop opened it’s doors, it seems about time that we launched a blog to tell you all the goings on in The Knit Club!

We’ll be letting you know about our current projects, sharing patterns and tales from our infamous Crochet Club and Knit Night as well as providing the odd bit of inspiration for your crafternoons!

Wool and love,

Louise, Sarah and Lucy at The Knit Club