Lost: One Mojo

Since I started crocheting in May last year, I’ve been going pretty much none stop.  But now, I’ve lost my way a bit.

The reason is not a mystery. We have just left our cosy life in the UK with family, friends and knit clubs for a new one in Belgium where, at the moment, there’s not a lot happening.  With the move, the paperwork, the language change, the boxes that need unpacking, the children that need entertaining (and feeding) and the floor that need endless mopping, I don’t have much headspace for crochet.  How sad! Something that should help me relax is making me feel a bit stressed. Perhaps it a reminder of “home”?

Then there’s the added factor of not knowing entirely where everything is.  I know that the yarn stash is in the spare room and the sewing box is in the cupboard in the lounge but where are my hooks? Where’s my rainbow blanket that’s a work in progress? And where’s the felt I need to complete the baby bunting I’ve been working on?

Think I’d better go and rummage in some boxes!

Claire x



6 thoughts on “Lost: One Mojo

  1. Ah, I feel your de-mojo’d pain and oddly enough, it was moving home that seemed to do the damage with me too. I think I’d knitted and crocheted and quilted so furiously in the old house because it was big and cold and fundamentally unwelcoming and I think my obsessive blanket-making was a subconscious fight against that; I was always trying to manufacture comfort to take the edge off the darkness. When we moved into a smaller, brighter cottage I lost the need to do anything completely. My stashes of yarns and fabric are problematically huge but until the last week or two, I’d felt no desire to do anything at all except clean our home or, infrequently, sit painting in the kitchen. I came across a 3/4 done blanket last week and thought that hey, I could put a few more borders on it and have it ready for my younger daughter’s bed for when the weather turns and so I’ve filled my nights with that recently and it’s been a nice change. Your mojo will come back and after a rest, I’ll bet it comes back even more exciteable and creative. Stepping away from an activity is a really wonderful way of learning how to appreciate it all over again, often from new angles 🙂 and incidentally, I love your ripple blanket 🙂 Sorry if I’m rambling 🙂 x

  2. Since finding an outlet for my knitting in the form of a Country Market I have been knitting as though my life depended on it and enjoying every stitch (apart from the wrong ones). However, then I fell over and chipped my elbow and so that put paid to that for a while but I actually found it quite liberating – I was able to give total commitment to the Olympics and not miss the winners going over the line while giving attention to my knitting as an example. I have now picked up the knitting again although have chosen rather a difficult pattern which is giving me endless frustration. So, enjoy your new-found freedom while you can, it probably won’t last too long before you take up the hook again.

  3. Hi – this is the first post I’ve read and I completely understand! Unfortunately, as I make promises with my craft (I rarely create for myself…) deadlines mean that I don’t get to stop! May I suggest buying a new hook and starting something small – something that gives quick gratification! Big pieces are good, I am currently knitting the monster jumper for my hubby who is 6ft 4 with a 52 inch chest, so you can imagine it’s a labour of love. Small pieces keep me going – quick dolls clothes for my little girl, attempts at patchwork quilting… it goes on. The down side is my hubby whines about the WIPs!
    Get back on the horse – and enjoy a quick rush of completion!
    Good Luck!

  4. Maybe the thought of crochet is making you a bit homesick, it’s only been a couple of weeks, you really have to give yourself lots of time to settle in then, I think the crochet will come back. I have just one week of holiday left and had lots of big plans for knitting projects, not surprisingly I have started them all but am nowhere near finishing, I think I need the routine of work, home etc because my timetable is all wrong! I know it’s not the same as your big move, just rambling. x hugs to you and the boys.

  5. Hope you find everything you need to to get crocheting again. Belgium is cool, I have family in Antwerp, enjoy the Genevers (gin based drink that comes in every conceivable flavour). I googled wool shop Antwerp, and there is one called Juliana (I think) that we made a special detour for.

  6. Poor you, I hope everything is found again soon. Will things settle down a bit when school starts? You could always download a pattern and buy just the hook and yarn needed for that.

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