Does the Queen knit?

I love Knit Night, normally it’s so busy that I can’t get a space at the main table, but nonetheless I still try to enjoy the gossip and stories! And in the run up to the Jubilee – we invited our knitters to help us make some bunting!

Being Jubilee time, there was lots of discussion as to how we’d all be celebrating the occasion (and making the most of a 4 day weekend!). One of our most loyal attendees, Joyce, recently shared with me her memories of the Queen’s coronation. I was thrilled when she recalled all the lovely details.

In 1953, Joyce lived with her family on a street along with lots of other families. She said the Queen’s coronation was such a huge celebration that the excitement passed down to even the youngest of Brits – herself being one of them! She recalled how the street party was such a marvellous sight – with everyone bringing out all sorts of furniture. She also said, that there was only one household with a telly – the owner of the cornershop, who was the wealthiest lady in the area! On the day of the coronation, the owner of the cornershop/telly invited all the local children (she couldn’t fit the grown-ups in!) to watch the event from her sitting room.

60 years on, we commemorated the day with a Jubilee tea party and the Caterham Street Party – serving Pimms in teapots and knitting up a storm! We also unveiled our window display…

Which showcased Christine’s excellent crown from the Debi Birkin pattern.

And HRH!

It all made me wonder if the Queen knits?  Evidently so!

Happy knitting and hope you all had a fab Jubilee!

Louise x


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