I visited The Knit Club today to take advantage of the fabulous Jubilee discount.  There may now be an extra 18 (eighteen!) balls of Rico Cotton Essentials, 1 ball of Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton and three buttons in my yarn cupboard.  Just don’t tell my husband.

I have also acquired a few new books recently so my project list has had a growth spurt.  A blanket idea here, a baby cardigan there and, oh, that snake looks fun!  I’m desperate to start new things.

There comes a time, however, where you have to discipline yourself and make sure you that you finish things off before you start more.  The time is now.

And so, before I start more projects, I solemnly pledge to complete the following:

  • Finish the sleeves of the baby cardigan, sew on the buttons and sew in the ends
  • Sew in the ends of the unfinished shawl
  • Sew in the ends of the unfinished scarf
  • Complete the sleeves of the jumper, sew in the ends and make it up

Maybe I should make myself a sticker reward chart like one for wayward toddlers!  I’ll let you know how I get on.


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