A Tale of Two Shawls

I’ve been working on two shawls over the last couple of weeks.  I only intended to produce one shawl but the first one, although lovely, was not quite what I was looking for.

The first shawl was My Blue Jeans Shawl (free from Ravelry).  It started on the longest edge and decreased as it went on.  The huge advantage of this method is that when “project fatigue” begins to set in, the rows get shorter each time and so you make quick progress towards the end.  The stitch pattern for this shawl is surprising easy to memorise and looks really pretty.  My issue with it in the end was that it was too shallow for my recipient.  I realised this about two thirds of the way in and had to decide whether to finish or pull it out.  The 12 hours work I’d already put in plus the fact that it would be quick to finish meant that I carried on and it was well worth it (although it now needs a new owner).


And so I had to find a pattern that was better suited to what I had intended to make in the first place.  I decided on True Friend Shawl (also free on Ravelry).  It started in the centre of the top and worked outwards so I could make it as big as I liked.  It wasn’t an easy pattern to keep even and, when I was definitely getting a bit fed up with it, the sides were HUGE (276 half treble crochet, anyone?).  The finished shawl is charmingly handmade (read: slightly wonky) but it’s been gifted already and seemed to be liked.


I used Rico Essentials Cotton which is a mercerised cotton yarn for both shawls.  It had a lovely drape to it and I’ve already bought some more for a baby cardigan.  It splits a little but, as long as you’re on the lookout for it, it’s not really a problem.  Great value too!

P.S. Those are my first links so I hope they work!