Big Love for Tiny Owl Knits

In our entire store, THREE of our top ten knitting patterns have been written by Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits. It’s easy to see why. Tiny Owl Knits patterns are beautiful, original and easy to follow. The levels of skills required varies, and this is indicated on each pattern. All of the following patterns are available from our online store, just click on the picture for a link.

Our top selling Tiny Owl Knits patterns are:

ImageThe Hopsalot Slippers by Tiny Owl Knits



The Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits

Tiny Owl Knits knitting patterns are all designed by Stephanie Dosen, a singer from America, who has a penchant for magical creatures and whimsical designs. At The Knit Club, we love how Tiny Owl Knit patterns take you out of the real world and on a mini adventure! 

The Hopsalot slippers are knitted and felted with a chunky, undyed yarn. You can make them in different sizes, for big or little feet! The details are adorable, from the cute folded ears to the little pom-pom tail.

The Beekeeper’s Quilt is a perfect stash-buster project. The quilt is made from lots of “hexipuffs”, which are hexagonal stuffed knitted pockets which you eventually sew together to make a tessellated, textured blanket. You can use any colours you like, in sock weight yarn (for a totally beautiful blanket – we’d recommend Rowan Fine Art Sock Yarn – see picture).


And the third best-selling knitting pattern is:



Baby Lamb Cuffs by Tiny Owl Knits

If you are new to colour-work knitting, these fingerless mittens are perfect. Practise the intarsia technique and create a very cute baby sheep pattern. One size fits all and they make great presents too! We have knitted them with Rowan’s Felted Tweed, which works perfectly in it’s muted shades and gives a beautiful texture.

Which Tiny Owl Knits pattern is your favourite??



Pom Pom Party!

Last Friday, we hosted our first kid’s craft party at The Knit Club. It was amazing!

Image12 eight year olds were invited to make cool pom pom people at our shop, in honour of a special birthday girl. For the afternoon, we prepped some our our bags and craft materials.The Knit Club

The paper bags were creatively transformed into party bags with colourful felt pens. The artistic talent was very impressive!

The Knit Club Kids Party

We then used Clover Pom Pom makers (super easy to use over and over again) to make large acrylic pom poms.


The Clover pom pom makers make the process so easy, even for little hands. We used different coloured yarns so that the pom pom people would be multi-coloured. We then added elastic string to dangle them and googly eyes so that they can see!


The AMAZING birthday cake was also yarn themed!


The kids were super happy with their new pom pom people, and acquired pom pom making skills!


To book your party at The Knit Club,

call 01883345220 or visit our website.

Shop Interview: binkee

We recently introduced gorgeous crochet goods by binkee to The Knit Club. You can find pieces including lampshades, cushions and jewellery, all handmade by Belinda, in our shop – ranging from £2.50 to £32.50.


We spoke to Belinda to find out a little more about the lady behind binkee.

1. Tell us a bit about who you are.

I’m a mum of three, one teenage girl and two boy’s and we all live in a village in Hertfordshire with our many pet’s. I can’t remember exactly how old I was but my creative side definitely showed itself at a young age, mostly with sewing. I remember making a small cushion, using my dog’s hair as stuffing!! Needless to say it wasn’t a keeper.

2. When & how did you learn to crochet?

I only learnt to crochet about 4 years ago when my youngest son was a baby. I had some yarn so I bought a hook and borrowed a book from the library and watched lot’s of You Tube video’s and managed to pick it up very quickly. Since then I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I haven’t had something on the go.


3. Where do your ideas come from?

I might see a colour combination that catches my eye from Pinterest or what someones wearing or even in nature then put some yarn together based on those colours and decide what type of cushion it will be, as in size and shape and then which stitch to use. I only ever make things that I would buy myself and have in my own home.

4. Do you have a favourite piece?

Nearly every newly finished piece is my favorite piece until the next new piece comes along! Unless I have a hunch half way through that it’s not going to be quite as good as expected. I’m usually right and the finished piece goes in the ‘not such a great idea’ box!

5. Where did the name binkee come from?

About 7 year’s ago, my very good friend, Keeley and I were discussing starting our own business together. Everyone calls me Bin, so she came up with the name bin-kee! Thereafter binkee was born, unfortunately for me, Keeley became very successful in her ‘proper’ job so I carried on the name with my handmade business. She is of course still my very good friend and I love having her name in such an important part of my little business.

6. Describe binkee in 3 words.

Sunny, sweet and handmade


7. Where do you do most of your designing and making? (describe your workspace!)

My workspace is in my home which really work’s well for me. It has great light in there and I have everything I need all in one place. I usually work in there all day until the children come home, doing machine sewing and smaller fiddly work, always with either music or a radio 4 play and save any crochet work until the evening where I’ll sit and watch a movie. I always feel a bit guilty and frivolous sitting and crocheting in the day!

8. Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

Blogs are probably my biggest inspiration. I read way too many. They range from craft and design to fashion and lifestyle. I especially like Danish blogs (thank goodness for google translator) I love their style.

9. Have you ever tried knitting?

My Mum tried teaching me to knit several times as a child and I would love the rhythm of it but then I would get so far and drop a few stitches and ruin the whole thing. I think that’s why I like crochet so much because it’s less delicate and a bit more hardy. I will definitely give it another go at some point and hopefully crack it.

10. What’s the next thing on your design list?

I’ve just bought some lovely new fabrics which I’ll be making various shapes and sizes of cushions with and finishing with a crochet edge. I’m also working on a collection of modern style crochet cushions using two colours with bold stripes and a plain simple dc stitch.

Baby Talk…

Last Saturday, we were lucky enough to welcome Erika Knight to The Knit Club for the second time! In timing with the launch of her beautiful ‘knit for baby’ poster pattern. Erika signed copies of her pattern, as well as giving a talk about knitting for babies.

Erika Knight Baby Talk at The Knit Club


Here’s some of our picks of Erika’s purls of wisdom…


(Fur Gilet and Legwarmers from ‘knit for baby’ poster pattern)

On talking about her British Blue DK, Erika explained where her yarn finds its spot amongst the many other baby yarns available. Championing the best of British wool, she has selected the softest sheep wool in petite 25g balls. It’s a luxury yarn, perfect for little projects – or little people! At £3.95 per 25g ball, it’s at the higher end of baby yarns – but the sumptuous colours and super soft texture, as well as the British support, make this yarn seem well worth it.

Erika Knight British Blue Wool 42-Pretty

(Erika’s British Blue DK)

Erika talked about her background and raising her daughter in a design-led world (Erika previously designed for Rowan), “Bella learnt all her colours from the Rowan shade cards. She would call orange ‘mango’! “And on picking the palette for her own yarn, Erika said she went for “colours that work even with your eyes shut. They work together or on their own.” And we’d quite agree! Modern, chic but with a smidgen of cuteness for the little people. And for chunky garments, Erika says “Pick two colours and knit the strands together. Really on trend to make a mix. ”

Erika Knight British Blue DK


(Erika’s British Blue DK)

Erika gave a lovely run through of the designs now available in her poster pattern. “Hats, blankets leg warmers are good starters. And also make perfect presents.” Her poster pattern also contains a jumper design and a cardigan design. She joked “that one [jumper] has a pocket for their mobile phone – because babies do have mobiles now”.

Erika Knight 'Knit for Baby' Poster Pattern

(Some items from ‘knit for baby’ poster pattern – excluding bootees)

With any tops, jumpers or pullovers for babies – its “important to have easy opening for neck or you could pull off their ears and find ears all over the place! Buttons or press studs are perfect. If you don’t want to make a button hole, don’t – sometimes you can just shove then through! I love dark grey or cream mother of pearl buttons. They have colours that match everything, all you need. ”

Erika Knight Buttons

When showing the moss stitch short sleeve cardigan from her poster pattern, Erika explained “do it in any stitch you want. Easy. And avoid seams if you can. If you can work out how to knit in the round or as one flat piece, then the garment will be much more comfy for baby.”

Erika Knight 'Knit for Baby' Moss Stitch Cardigan

(Moss Stitch Cardigan from Erika’s ‘knit for baby’ poster pattern)

Teaming her knitted garments with cotton dresses and silks, Erika has a keen eye for detail and beautiful taste in tailored garments. She brought along a little vintage silk dress, which commanded oohs and ahhs from everyone in the shop!

Erika Knight's Vintage Silk Dress

On showing one of her past designs, Erika talked about a red cardigan with hand stitched patterns and pictures stitched onto the knitting. “Personalise things. Scribble embroidery. I copied a wrapping paper pattern for a jumper, very cute.

A cushion is a nice present for a new born – experiment with stitches. Stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch can be used to create monogrammed squares with baby’s initial.

Erika Knight

The day was such a success, with our knitters leaving feeling everything from nostalgic to inspired and raring to knit! And of course, completely in love with Erika’s yarns and patterns.

Kathryn at The Knit Club

Erika kindly signed some items for her fans, including The Knit Club tote!

Erika Knight at The Knit Club

Lavanya, a regular visitor to The Knit Club, said “It’s nice to knit something when you know the designer has put care into the design and thinks about it from your point of view.”

To see the full range of Erika’s yarns and patterns, you can visit our website or pop in to our shop.

Knitterview: Erika Knight

This month, we invite you to peek into the life of Erika Knight – the brilliant and renowned knitwear designer, author and yarn designer.


We have been lucky enough to meet Erika at the shop, when she came in to do a book signing and talk last October. And we cannot say, for someone so beyond talented and clever, just how nice she is! With many strings to her bow, she is fascinating to listen to – and we were riveted by her talk about colours and shapes, the stories behind her yarn names (Steve is named after Steve McQueen’s beautiful blue eyes) and the reasoning behind her colour choices (you always have to have a “pop” colour in your palette!).

So we proudly present to you, our second knitterview. Enjoy!

When and how did you learn to knit?

I learnt at art school during my punk years, when holes and ladders didn’t matter and safety pins were de rigeur.

How did your career in knitting begin?

After art school I worked for a textile printing company, but unfortunately I couldn’t afford to carry on doing this job that I loved, so I had to fall back on my hobby. I did half a dozen sketches, trawled them round to local and London boutiques and got an order for one or two, then three and four and so it began…

Who / what is your biggest inspiration?

Anything and everything, I am always inspired by things and people around me.

Do you have a favourite design / pattern of all time?

Yes, a sweater called ‘Antarctic’, named after a collection designed for my label Molto! many years ago to celebrate the life of our British hero, Captain Scott. It was like a hit record for us at the time. It was so simple, and I am considering re-releasing it again for this Autumn…watch this space.

Molto - Erika Knight | The Knit Club

What is the best thing about creating your own yarn range?

Being in control of the fibre quality, colours and knowing the whole process is natural, ethical, sustainable and supporting British sheep and manufacturing.

 Erika Knight British Blue Wool 42-Pretty

Erika Knight British Blue Wool in Pretty

Who do you design for?

I design for myself, things I like and value. I believe there are lots of people like me who want classic, timeless pieces, but with a bit of style.

What do you hope people gain from knitting/ crocheting your patterns?

The end result is a timeless, quality garment, but I hope that they too enjoy the process of working with beautiful and natural fibres and simple designs that work.

If you could be someone else (past or present) for one day, who would you be?

I think it would have to be Coco Chanel – because she was a strong woman, a bit of a rebel, a perfectionist, and a true innovator who really conceived and created ready to wear comfortable clothes for modern stylish women.

Coco Chanel

(Coco Chanel)

What song/s are you listening to at the moment?

I love the British jazz saxophonist Simon Spillett, who I recently saw at a basement gig in Soho.

If you could give one piece of advice/wisdom to knitters and crocheters the world over, what would it be?

Experiment, and don’t be frightened to have a go!

The Knit Club stocks Erika Knight beautiful British yarns and patterns (also available online), and the lovely Erika will be visiting The Knit Club on the 27th April at 2pm to talk about her new baby poster pattern and knitting for babies and beyond.

Knitting is Rock ‘n’ Roll

Someone sent me this picture. It made me laugh alot.


I felt it hit upon a truth. There is no such thing as a stereotypical knitter. It could be anyone! Knitting is whatever you want it to be, and strikes a chord with all types of people. For that reason, I love the idea of mirroring knitting with rock’n’roll. Such contrasting stereotypes, of granny knitters and heavily made up rock stars. The more unlikely of a knitter you are, the more reason you should try it. You will probably love it!


Oh and on that note, may I introduce our latest tote bag. Inspired by “It’s Only Rock’N’Roll” by the Rolling Stones…

Bag - Sketch

Knitterview: TinyOwlKnits!

A firm favourite designer at The Knit Club has to be Tiny Owl Knits. Tiny Owl Knits patterns are designed by Stephanie Dosen, “an American singer who lives in the mountains with her unicorn, puffy cat & a hefty yarn stash riddled with gnomes.”

Tiny Owl Knits - Deer with Antlers

(Deer with Antlers Hat)

Recently, we were lucky enough to have a nice chat across the pond with Stephanie and talk all things knitty! Read on for her answers.

When and how did you learn to knit? 

I took several stabs at knitting before it really stuck. I somehow managed to get a job at a yarn shop as a crochet teacher before I could even knit a stitch! The learning curve was pretty steep. I went from learning to knit one day, to helping people with their knitting problems the next. Thankfully there were dozens of amazing mama-owls at the shop that taught me so much every single day. I worked at the shop for 3 years and I refer to it now as “knitting college”. I got my degree in: “OOh I just made up this new thing; now I need to write down what I did so we can ALL make one!”

Are you more of a knitter or a crocheter? 

I love mixing knitting and crochet. To me they are sisters. I do hesitate sometimes to put them both in patterns together because people often seem to like one or the other. If I’m making something just for myself it will generally have both arts together.

Tiny Owl Knits

Who/what inspires your designs? 

I get inspired by so many things. It could be some old fabric I find at a flea market or a squirrel spiralling through the trees. (I only say that because I’ve recently moved to Colorado and I’m obsessed with the color of the red squirrels here! Their coats are so perfectly amber and beautiful. I think I might be addicted to that color right now as my stash seems to be filling up with it!

Do you have a favourite Tiny Owl Knits design? 

My favorites are the “meow mitts” and my new “spirit of the birch” cuff. Though I seem to wear the heck out of the “Oh my bear!” sweater every winter!

Meow Mitts by Tiny Owl Knits

(Meow Mitts)

What do you hope people gain from knitting TinyOwlKnits patterns? 

Whenever I see a pattern that I really want to make, I get outrageous butterflies in my stomach. I get so excited picking out the yarn and casting on! I hope that people get that same feeling when they see my patterns. But secondly and probably most importantly, I want people to have success with my patterns. I need to know that I can get them from “butterflies to finished object” with ease (and without tears!) Knitting can be frustrating when something is unclear. I understand that and try to write my patterns in a way that really clearly guides the knitter. Every knitter who sets out on a project is taking a risk! They are like a hobbit going on a journey and they need a good map! That’s my job. 🙂

Favourite film? 

Harry Potter, Little Women (1994), The Dark Crystal

Little women 1994

Favourite band/artist? 

Joni Mitchell, Indigo Girls and Cocteau Twins. I am actually releasing a record soon with Simon Raymonde from Cocteau Twins. Our band is called “snowbird” and I’m really excited for it to come out!

Anything exciting in the knitting pipeline? 

I’m heading back to England for the second photo shoot for my knitting book next month and also have lots of designs coming out. I need some more elves to help me knit! If anyone knows any elves please send them my way. I have lots of goldfish crackers and I’m happy to share. I also give good elf back-rubs. (small backs = easy.)

Describe your favourite knitting spot? 

I have a ridiculously big puffy chair and I live in it. Um… I’m in it right now. 🙂

Do you have a little message for fans of your work? 

Thank you!!!!! Thank you so much for knitting my patterns. I hope they bring you much joy and happiness and that you have success with every stitch! Lastly, don’t be afraid of your knitting. Making mistakes is just part of it. Be afraid of skydiving, but never ever be afraid of your knitting!


Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits

Check out our range of Tiny Owl Knits patterns here.